How to fix the “Screen Overlay Detected” error, for Asus.

Obviously, I do have an Asus phone, so I am not sure if what I am going to suggest would be applicable to other android phones. I just wanted to share anyways. Hehe. I am not like a professional IT or whatsoever but this helped me fix this issue on my phone.

This error usually appears if you have a newly installed app or if the app has been installed on your phone for quite a while and it is your first time using the app itself or a specific feature on the app. Usually, it will ask for permission first, giving you choices of ‘deny‘ or ‘allow‘ for a specific action, for example the picture below:

Hence, of course, you’ll choose allow. But then again, what you expect is not always what’s going to happen. Sometimes smart is just smart but not flexible. New technologies always subject to errors.

This is exactly what I got when I tried opening an app called Audio Wizard on my phone after allowing it:

So what I did is I tried opening the Settings as what it suggested I must do. I should disable what’s conflicting it’s launch, though it didn’t give me any info of what to disable. And it says ‘yes‘ to Audio Wizard, for overlay chuchu, draw over other apps etc. I didn’t change it, so that it will still work on top of other apps running as well.

I tried turning off the permission on almost all of them just to give way to the app, but then again, no luck. I suppose android version Marshmallow is too smart to recognize the simple permission. 

And yes, Sherlock helped me, haha. Sabi nga nya, “Kapag di mo pa rin makita ang hinahanap mo, bumalik ka sa umpisa.”

So since the error didn’t give me so much info, I paid attention to the first prompt. It’s main issue is ‘permission‘. So I looked into ways to allow it on my phone. There’s 2 ways, you can go to Settings or you can launch Mobile Manager.

I first checked the permission needed for the app to work. how to do that? 

Go to Settings >> scroll down to Apps, select it >> then look for the name of the app you are getting the error. As for me, it’s the Audio Wizard.

Click the app’s name >> then select Permissions

There, it says, no permission granted, on the overview. Once you pressed it, it will give you this:

It will provide what feature needed permission for the app to work. Although on the prompt it will give the hint as well. But to check all permissions are allowed we need to do this so that we will not going to have any problems in case we use other functions of the app.


1st option:

From there you can just go back, still in Settings >> Apps then go to the gear icon at the top righthand side:

2nd option

Or you can exit out the Settings, then go to the Mobile Manager app, go to the next page where you can usually see the Permissions icon, select it.

Whichever you choose, you just have to go look for App Permissions, then select it, until you have this screen:

Then select the specific permission the app needs to work, click on it, then Allow it.

Then exit out Mobile Manager or Settings then try relaunching the app you are having problems with again. It worked for me.

Hope this helps. 😀😀

Marami lang hugot. Hahaha